RB Trade Mark bird middle

Rare Bird Ltd has now ceased retail trading.
Now that Friendly Plastic sticks are gone, I am going to be following new paths in my creative life, and want to have more time to devote to it:  I am not giving up on Friendly Plastic type products, and will continue to demonstrate them and make videos for you to follow. I will begin to migrate all of the useful tutorial and explanation  of product information over to my blog over the next few weeks so you will still have a useful Friendly Plastic resource.

If you are desperate for something that you know I have then you can always email me on Rarelizzie@hotmail.co.uk, as I will not be getting rid of my final bits of stock until the New Year.

In the New Year I hope to bring you a new product that will go some way to replace Friendly Plastic, and I will announce more when I have all the details.  I hope you will like it, I think it has great possibilities.

Thanking you all for your loyal custom

0115 9336182

Looking for information on Friendly Plastic?
Please visit www.rarelizzie.com – my blog.  I am putting up all the videos, tutorials and other useful information on a dedicated Friendly Plastic page so you can have easy access to it all.